cennamo-pic.pngHi everyone,

I’m really excited to be meeting and working with all of you. Let me tell you a little about myself...

I have been studying and working at Columbia since 2006. Presently I am a doctoral student here at Teachers College, studying Instructional Technology and Media, and I work as an Educational Technologist at Columbia's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning. I work with faculty throughout Columbia, helping them to effectively use technology in their classrooms. It's a fantastic opportunity for me to bring my classroom experience into my work, and to also bring my work experience into the classroom.

Before I came to Columbia, I worked for many years on Broadway as a NYC stagehand. Working in the theatre was a great experience, but it wasn't bringing me closer to what I love to do most, which is to study, teach, and work with people like yourselves. I have never regretted the move!

I'm really happy to be participating in your conference, as we look at different ways to make online learning more interesting and engaging.

Galileo said, “We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” With this in mind, I look forward to engaging with all of you; to think about and start to develop educational tools that will inspire others to learn through their own creativity and self interest.